Epiphany 4 (28/1)

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There’s a lot going on in this week’s readings. In the Psalm we are inspired to give praise for God’s wonderful works. In the gospel reading we engage with Jesus’ authority that astonishes those who are present. What an opportunity for us to explore how we respond to God in our lives – whether it be through praise, poetry, posters and creative works, through emotions of surprise and astonishment or through questions and curiosity.

For those of you for whom this Sunday is prior to the school year beginning, you may also like to take a moment to pray a blessing for the children and adults who will be returning to schools or places of learning this coming week. Perhaps consider a token, such as a keyring with the word “Bless” or “Faith” or a heart image or a special Bible verse, that they could take with them as a reminder that God is with them throughout this new school year.

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