Psalm 29


Psalm 29 (aligned with Year B Epiphany 1 readings)
1-2 Bravo, God, bravo! Gods and all angels shout, “Encore!”
In awe before the glory, in awe before God’s visible power.
Stand at attention!
Dress your best to honor him!
3 God thunders across the waters,
Brilliant, his voice and his face, streaming brightness—
God, across the flood waters.4 God’s thunder tympanic,God’s thunder symphonic.
5 God’s thunder smashes cedars,God topples the northern cedars.
6 The mountain ranges skip like spring colts,The high ridges jump like wild kid goats.
7-8 God’s thunder spits fire.God thunders, the wilderness quakes;
He makes the desert of Kadesh shake.9 God’s thunder sets the oak trees dancing
A wild dance, whirling; the pelting rain strips their branches.
We fall to our knees—we call out, “Glory!”
10 Above the floodwaters is God’s throne from which his power flows, from which he rules the world.
11 God makes his people strong.God gives his people peace.


Ascribe Greatness!The untameable power of nature is awe-inspiring. Nothing makes us feel powerless and small than the fury of a massive storm, or the terror of bushfires. The writer of this psalm is enraptured with the sheer immensity of God – and while we know that God doesn’t specifically cause the thunder, the enormity of a thunderstorm certainly can be an exercise in perspective for us.


I invite you this week to make time to engage with the greatness of nature that makes you feel small. Write your own psalm of awe: what daunting, or vast, or spectacular things bring your attention to the immensity of God?*Respond:*I invite you to add your reflection in the comments so that we can create a collective psalm of awe at the wonder of God.How might you create an intergenerational opportunity to reflect in a similar way, in your gathering time? What would it look like for your community?

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