Seeking Shalom Pre-order

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We are delighted to announce that Seeking Shalom will be available for purchase on November 1 (along with the launch of our new online store)!

Isaiah lived in challenging times.
We live in challenging times too…
Like Isaiah and the people of Judah, we are surrounded by empires and power.
We are surrounded by pain and struggle, and yet, like Isaiah, we are seeking hope.

This collection of resources is our journey to find hope in the midst of difficult times.

These resources are shaped around the prayer and the poetry of Isaiah as he seeks shalom: the whole-of-life-flourishing that is the evidence of the Kingdom of God, present among us.

Join us on our journey!

Seeking Shalom contains 17 resources, including prompts to think about adapting for your context, example ‘scripts’ to help you prepare your delivery, lots of full colour copyable resources, and some thoughtful hints and tips for making each resource as useful and as impactful as possible.

Also available in the store will be:

The Messy Journal additional resource


Printed posters and postcards for several of the resources


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