The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Discussion

These are the stories of people 
whose institutions of care 
wrote death and despair
onto the souls of the children 
their leaders consumed. 
Sins, confessed in the dark, 
absolved and resumed, 
becoming the hell 
they taught others to fear. 

These are our stories.

This is a difficult topic to discuss, but one that should very rightly hit home for us as we explore better ways to do intergenerational ministry, and engage with children and families. In 2018-19, Intergen had the opportunity to engage in some research and discussion around the impact of the Royal Commission. Most specifically, this study has been undertaken to provide valuable information to those involved in ministry with children and families regarding child safety. It is also hoped that the findings will contribute to the ongoing conversation within religious institutions, in particular the cultural change required to engage effectively with (Victorian) Child Safe Standard Seven: Empowering children. 

The following discussion papers aim to open up the dialogue – to encourage us to think critically about the frameworks, structures, practices and theology that we interact with, and the ways we can do better. We invite you to read and contemplate the implications of these discussions – to bring it up with your institutional oversight, to ask questions about how our institutions and organisations are moving forward and how we are preventing this from ever happening again.

Watch Stacey discuss this report and the implications for institutions:

(Please note that Intergen practices trauma-informed engagement. Please listen carefully to the information at the beginning of this video.)

For more general information about the Royal Commission, visit here: