Epiphany 5

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As God is revealed in the vulnerability of a baby, the changing growth of a child, and the emergence of a young adult, the kind of character seen in God’s life among us shapes the character of our response in relationship to God and to the world around us.

  • What kind of influence are we called to be? – Salt, light, shoe lace tying lovers! (Matt 5v13-20)
  • What kind of speech fits for followers of Jesus – plain, honest, weak and trembling (1 Cor2v1-12)
  • What kind of worship does God long for? – compassion, justice, freedom (Isaiah 58v1-9a)

Each of these resources explores these questions through the Lectionary passages for Epiphany 5.

Written and compiled by Elizabeth Waldron Anstice

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Written and Compiled by

Elizabeth Waldron Anstice