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The book of Isaiah is a difficult text. It is first and foremost a story of people trying to find hope and hold their identity in the midst of trauma. Like many before us, we are in a space where many of the things that give us a sense of security and belonging have been taken away and we are forced to acknowledge the uncertainty of life.

We invite you to use these prompts to create a prayer space in your home: you can engage with the prompts as an individual, or spend some time together with your household, no matter their age or ability. It does not need to be large, although it can be. It is our hope that these prompts will foster your imagination and bring joy while allowing space for anxiety and grief to be acknowledged. In this time of forced stillness join us in prayer.

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About the author: Stacey Wilson is the non-artistic but still creative half of the Intergen team. She is deeply committed to inclusion in all its many forms. Right now she is probably sitting out on the deck of her house, missing her daily trip to the local cafe, worrying about her mum and enjoying having time to spend with her family. At some stage she will also finish her uni assignment.

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