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During this season of ADVENT, we will use the metaphor of growing a garden to prepare our hearts, souls, and
minds for the birth of Jesus. Over five weeks, we will use the lectionary readings to delve into God’s story of
love and faithfulness. We will explore how God had been planning and preparing people for the gift of Jesus,
and how Jesus makes a difference in our lives today and into the future. Each week is themed:
1. Hope in Troubled Times
2. Peace in the Preparation
3. Love in Action
4. Joy Now and Forever
5. Christmas: All are Welcome

Each week includes biblical and garden themes to get you thinking, and an Interactive activity that can be used
to create a visual and interactive part in your worship space that can be added to each week and form a focal
point for reflection during the service. Instructions and templates for flowers for the garden are included at the
end of this document.
There is Liturgy provided including a Call to Worship, Candle lighting, Prayer of Adoration and Confession and a
Blessing. There are also additional suggestions for Bible readings, Garden True/False Fun Facts, Videos, Songs,
and an Imagining Reflection to use before or a􀅌er the message. During worship we have a unique opportunity
to model to those in our community what it can look and feel like to encounter Jesus, experience
Intergenerational connections, and hear God’s Big Story. We encourage you to lean in and explore what this
means for you and your community.

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