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Miracles, like those we read about in Matthew 14:22-33, are similar to parables, like those you may have read recently, in that both miracles and parables prompt much wondering. In the case of miracles, many people often wonder “Could this really have happened?”. For this particular reading, the questions often include “Could someone really walk on water?” This resource, amongst other things, explores – hopefully in a fun and creative way – whether we, as human beings, can actually walk on water. At the same time, it creates the possibility for serious wondering around how Jesus, as God’s Son, could amaze the Disciples in the way that he did.
When the Bible read is read publicly, no matter how well, it can be easy to let the words wash over us (or maybe that’s just me) – especially when it is a familiar passage being read. Techniques that can “interrupt” the flow, without distracting from the meaning can be a helpful way of encouraging engagement.
Similarly, when listening to the Bible being read, there can be a tendency for the “head” (the more rational parts of each of us) to be more engaged than our “heart” (the more emotional parts). Ways of encouraging a more emotional connection with the text, again without distracting from the meaning, can be useful in enhancing our engagement with the text.
The suggestion for the reading of Matthew 14:22-33 seeks to encourage and enhance engagement with the text through an invitation to focus on how the Disciples may have been feeling – hopefully though assisting with, rather than distracting from, the co-creation of meaning!
A key principle of intergenerational worship is to “team up” wherever possible – providing scope for people of different ages to prepare, present and de-brief together. In addition to Welcome, Tech. and Kitchen roles, there are also opportunities throughout a service in leadership roles that are commonly exercised “solo”. The Prayer resource here invites “teaming up” through the utilisation of a Drama team in a Prayer of Confession and a Prayer for Others.

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