Advent 2 (10/12)

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Sometimes we can feel that God is quiet, very quiet, too quiet. Perhaps we think God is giving us – humanity, or us personally – the silent treatment. We are aware that we have strayed off the track of justice, compassion, and abandoned God’s good ways. So perhaps God has abandoned us.

Perhaps God has given up trying to get through to us. Lots of people feel this way. And God’s people in ancient times also came to wonder if God had given up on them, because, frankly, they had long given up on God.
But paying attention to the prophet Isaiah, then the gospel of Mark and John the Baptiser, through to the letter of II Peter to the people of God scattered far across the world in time and in geography we see that in fact God is not silent. The Word of God doesn’t ‘pass away’.

So, sing a song of God’s love for us – full of patience (II Peter3v9).

Track the terrible times of the people of God in the Labyrinth and find God’s stones of promise to straighten things out and carry them tenderly (Isaiah 40).

Pull on your Hi-Viz roadworker gear and get the road ready, working with God on justice. (Mark 1v1-8).

In what feels like the silence of God, we realise God is patiently working – we can hear the bulldozers and diggers and graders, levelling the ground, making the way open for everyone to find their way home.

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2 Peter, Isaiah, Mark


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