Easter 4 (30/4)

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This fourth Sunday of the Easter season is often referred to as “Good Shepherd” Sunday. As we continue on through the Season of Easter, we stop to reflect on one of the most well recognised images of Jesus, that of the Good Shepherd. We rest into one of the best known of all Psalms: Psalm 23 with its beautiful imagery of pastures green, and the invitation to dwell in the House of the Lord forever. The passage in the gospel of John reminds us who the shepherd is, and makes it clear that the sheep know the shepherd’s voice. Jesus identifies himself using one of his “I am” statements as the Gate, and tells us that the way through that Gate is the way to life. “I come that they might have life, and have it abundantly” Jesus says of his flock.

But how are we to live as Jesus’ flock? What might that look like? The wonderful passage from Acts 2 gives us 10 ways in which the earliest Christian Communities “practiced” the way of following Jesus. These “Holy Habits” include: biblical teaching, fellowship, breaking bread, prayer, giving, service, eating together, gladness and generosity, worship and making more disciples. See the Holy Habits: Worship Words activity for a fuller explanation of these habits, and some links to Andrew Roberts wonderful book and resources “Holy Habits.”

Written and compiled by Rev Sandy Brodine

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Written and Compiled by

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