Oh the Places you’ll go – combined

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Lent is often described as a journey. Through the gospel texts of these weeks we see Jesus
traversing the terrain of Palestine, heading towards Jerusalem, as well as exploring the inner
landscape of the human soul and the hills and valleys of human relationships. All of this is
familiar territory for God as we see in the accompanying texts from the whole of scripture.
Abraham wanders towards blessing; Moses runs headlong into conflict; Samuel searches for
leadership; the psalmist gets stuck and cries for forgiveness; the Roman community scale the
depths of sin and grace. Together we open these stories like maps for our own journey in
community to find our way, following Jesus. In intergenerational faith community we make time
to pay attention to the world around us, and the space between us, and oh, the places we’ll go…

This resource contains Bible Engagement, interactive Prayer and Music
• Places of Testing – Year A Lent 1 (Feb 26 2023)
• Places of Wondering – Year A Lent 2 (March 5 2023)
• In-between Places – Year A Lent 3 (March 12 2023)
• Dark places – Year A Lent 4 (March 19 2023)
• Places of Death – Year A Lent 5 (March 26 2023)

This Lent series was compiled and written by Elizabeth Waldron Anstice

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Ezekiel, Genesis, John, Matthew, Psalm, Romans