Pentecost 17

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We conclude our series focusing on the Season of Creation written and compiled by Michelle Cook.

Water and rivers of life are strong images in the Scriptures. The ocean and large bodies of water are signs of chaos and fear. The Red Sea is an obstacle for the Israelites to cross. It is tamed by Moses’ staff and kills Pharoah’s charioteers. Also think of Jonah being cast into the ocean to appease the gods or Paul being shipwrecked, and even Jesus calming the storm and walking on the water. Rivers and water can be destructive. The story of Noah reminds us that the rising water not only cleansed the earth but also killed and destroyed many living things, many parts of God’s creation. God does not want to do such a thing again. The rainbow reminds us of this promise.

Water and rivers of life are strong images in the Scriptures. The necessity of fresh water for life is emphasised again and again. Moses brings water out of the stone. The deer pants for the water in Psalm 42. In Psalm 23 the LORD leads us to still water and restores our souls. From Jesus, we see streams of life-giving water. Jesus promises the Samaritan woman, an enemy of his people, access to such water. And in the reading from Revelation 22:1-5, coming from Jesus, we see streams of life-giving water flowing on to the fertile plains.

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