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Today as we enter the season of “Pentecost” or “Ordinary Time” we make the shift back to the Gospel of Matthew, which will be our focus for the rest of the Lectionary Year. Here we are treated to the scene at the end of Matthew, often called the “Great Commissioning”, where Jesus gives his command to his disciples to make disciples of all nations, and to baptize them: “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” This Triune formula to describe God has been used in Baptismal liturgies in almost all Christian churches around the globe for two millennia. But how well do we understand the Trinity, the three persons who make up the one God of Christian Faith?

In these resources discover more around icons, be led in prayer, be crafty and grow through the catapult activity.

Written and Compiled by Rev Sandy Brodine

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