Year A Maundy Thursday & Good Friday

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Here are some resources that open up possibilities for taking deep unhurried reflective time in the passion narratives together.

A set of contemplative tactile stations; a journey through the chapters of John’s gospel making shadow art; a confession liturgy combining song, word and materials; and a simple plasticine story that draws on Peter’s story of following and failing Jesus to prompt reflection on the nature of Jesus life and death poured out for others.

Different groups will have differing windows of time, space and rhythms of gathering – so for some communities, each of these will be too much, while others will enjoy the richness of the opportunity to explore freely and deeply. Two of the resources, Wriggly Toes and Shadow Art, work in either Maundy Thursday or Good Friday – or both!
For groups with less time, or just looking for one or two simple ideas to add to an already fullsome service, these can be found in selecting one or two stations from Isaiah’s Servant Song, choosing just a couple of texts to make into shadow illustrations, picking up one song, or a prayer from the confession liturgy.

Written and compiled by Elizabeth Waldron Anstice

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