Christmas 1 (31/12)

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Many churches operate in a more relaxed mode after the excitement and energy of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services – taking things a little easier than usual. We’re taking a leaf out of that playbook and offering something a little different in terms of resources for this week…making things a little easier for ourselves as well!

One of the resources we have highlighted over Advent has been the 2023 Engage Together Advent resource, originally written by Emma Parr, Melissa Neumann and Chris Barnett (if you haven’t downloaded it already, feel free to do so and file it away for 2026). Not only does the resource contain ideas for the four weeks of Advent, it also has suggestions for this final Sunday of 2023…

  • Call to Worship
  • Prayer of Confession + Song
  • Bible Reading
  • Prayers of the People
  • Take Home Activity

Please download 2023 Engage Together Advent for these ideas utilising specifically pages 51-60.

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1 Corinthians, 1 Thessalonians, Hebrews, Isaiah, John, Luke, Mark, Psalm


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Chris Barnett, Melissa Neumann, Emma Parr

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