Year B Pentecost 4 (16/6)

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“God does not see as humans see; they look on outward appearances, but God looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

This week’s resource offering focuses on 1 Samuel 16:1-13. It includes a Creative Bible Engagement + Prayer, a Creative Bible Engagement + Song and an Interactive Prayer that can be used as part of the Prayers for Others, an Early Word or as a Sermon Response.

David is little; he’s young; he’s doing the job even young girls can do. Looking after the family sheep was often a job given to girls, or the youngest boys. And he’s missed being sanctified, being part of the ritual that made someone right with God. He’s missed being cleaned up for the sacrifice – he’s still all smelly from being with the sheep. And yet…David’s judged number one, the next king of Israel.

Yes, this is a wonderful story about David being chosen…but there are in fact others in the story as well. Perhaps it is also very much a story about a whole community and the way that stories and realities are written by many voices in communities, not just as stories of one person, one hero, one main character. We are all part of each other’s stories, and in God’s great story together.

As we engage with this story, we also notice that David came close to being left out. When the prophet Samuel came to the town of Bethlehem to choose the new king, all of Jesse’s sons were there, except the youngest – he was missing, forgotten, initially ignored. The Interactive Prayer resource prompts us to remember the missing, the excluded and left out, knowing they are not forgotten by God.

Written and compiled by Beth Waldron Anstice

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