Year B Trinity Sunday (26/5)

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The Voice of the Lord calls us together from our many corners of life and speaks to us in many voices. The Voice of the Lord is powerful, making things happen. The Voice of the Lord sounds as no other. This Call to Worship utilises the sounds of our voices and the sound of percussion to invoke a sense of the powerful nature of the Voice of the Lord. Cymbals, drums and the voice of the people combine to provide an energising and inspiring beginning to a service of worship.
The prophet Isaiah is in the temple, worshipping God, when he sees a vision of God’s glory, and hears the voice of the Lord and these words: Holy, Holy, Holy. As we sing of God’s holiness, we celebrate that God is not a bit of this and a bit of that – a confusing mix, but only and wholly and purely just God. Godself – that’s being Holy – completely one. Many songs of praise have been written including the words “Holy, holy, holy”. This interactive music engagement resource can be used with any of these songs. Whether you choose something new or something familiar to sing today, may you be drawn deeper into a deeper understanding of God’s holiness.

In Psalm 29 the Voice of the Lord makes things happen, just as it does throughout the Bible. Right from the start, God speaks and creation begins. Things are made, and things are changed, at the Voice of the Lord. Psalm 29 was composed many millennia ago in the Middle East, so naturally used the sounds that were part of the world around the ancient Jewish community to help express the impact of hearing the Voice of the Lord in their midst. What might Psalm 29 have to say to us today? If we were composing a Psalm today to describe the Voice of the Lord, what sounds and images and metaphors might we use?

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