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Sand and Water

This week we follow the Israelites’ journey through the Sinai desert towards the promised land. They have been rescued from their oppressors in Egypt in a dramatic fashion. They have been guided by the presence of God as a pillar of cloud and fire and provided food from heaven. Yet, in the reading today we see that they still don’t seem to trust their God. At their next campsite there is no water to drink so they grumble, turning on each other and their leader Moses. Given just how much the Israelites have already been provided for by God it’s so easy to feel a bit frustrated by them. Why didn’t they just ask God for help? God has repeatedly provided for them spectacularly! But when we reflect on our own journeys with God, we quickly see that we too are very quick to forget that our God is a God who provides.


In Paul’s letter to the Philippians Paul writes an incredible poem that summarises the amazing good news about Jesus. Even though Jesus was equal to God, Jeuss didn’t use this to his own advantage. In fact, Jesus did the exact opposite by becoming human, serving others and showing obedience to the Father even to point of death on a cross (Philippians 2:6-11). As we are united in Christ, so Paul encourages us to follow Jesus’s example. Our lives should mirror the life of Jesus.

But this is tricky because we tend to look at ourselves the most. When we do this it is impossible to see past our own reflection and see the needs of others. So this week we will be asking, ”Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do I love Jesus most of all?”

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