Seeking Shalom (PDF)

Seeking Shalom: a collection of resources using Isaiah to help us journey through struggle and lament, into flourishing and joy.



The prophet Isaiah lived in challenging times. We live in challenging times too…Like Isaiah and the people of Judah, we are surrounded by empires and power. We are surrounded by pain and struggle, and yet, like Isaiah, we are seeking hope. Seeking Shalom is a resource for churches and faith communities who are seeking to engage intergenerationally with the Bible through holistic, creative, thoughtful practices.

These resources in pdf form are designed as a ‘jumping off point’ – its a tool to use as a beginning point to craft meaningful, creative opportunities for prayer, Bible reading, contemplation and lament, tailored to meet the needs of your gathering.

These resources are shaped around the prayer and the poetry of Isaiah as he seeks shalom: the whole-of-life-flourishing that is the evidence of the Kingdom of God, present among us. Join us as we explore and imagine creative ways to participate together in God’s unexpected Kingdom of Peace.


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