Walking in the Light of the Lord – Advent 2

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A Leopard can change it’s spots!

Advent is a time for preparation, praise and prayerful reflection. We prepare to celebrate the moment that God came to be with us on earth but also look forward to when he comes again in glory. We praise God for what He has done and wonder at the beauty of God’s plan to restore the whole world. The prophet Isaiah calls all the descendants of Jacob to “..come and walk in the light of the Lord (Isaiah 2:15).” Therefore, we also prayerfully reflect on what this means and how knowing Christ Jesus changes the way we live our lives each day.

This collection of worship resources, based upon the Revised Common Lectionary Year A, aims to equip leaders to engage all-ages. Worshippers will explore key ideas through hands-on experiences and working together.

You will find at least one interactive bible engagement activity and interactive prayer activity for each week. They are designed for all-ages. Therefore, within each resource you will discover that there are elements suitable for various age groups and for people who are at different stages in their faith journey. The activities are open-ended enough to also allow for you to adapt sections depending on who is part of your congregation. For example, you can add more discussion questions if you discern that your congregation would find that more encouraging. Most activities have been designed to be done in small groups however they can be easily integrated into a short bible talk or demonstration. Some suggestions for adaptations have been included.

Every week begins with an introduction that briefly outlines some key theological themes. You will then find a page that summarises what needs to be prepared for that week. It outlines the materials required and includes suggestions on how to set up your worship space.
The resources are colour-coded to allow you to easily distinguish between the bible engagement activities and interactive prayers.

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