Epiphany 2 (14/1)

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As we look at the story from 1 Samuel, we continue to explore how we “hear” from God and how we can help others, by framing for them, how “hearing” from God could occur. It’s suggested to look at two of the five tools recommended by the Parenting for Faith resources for discipleship at home, noting that these equally apply to discipleship with all ages and people anywhere. Visit https://www.parentingforfaith.brf.org.uk/tools/
The two tools referred to for use this week are:

  • Framing: explaining to someone what is happening and why or what this “faith” practice could look like in their life. We often do this when explaining to someone about something that is new to them.
  • Chat and catch: a way to explain prayer as both talking with and listening for God. When we use the word “listen” people, particularly children, expect to hear an audible voice from God and when that doesn’t occur doubt, disappointment and disconnection from God can be felt. Instead, if we’re seeking to catch what God is sharing with us then that could come through a variety of means, such as nature, a friend, reading the Bible, a song, a thought or feeling…

Psalm 139 is full of wonderful imagery of God knowing all about us and God being with us throughout our day-to-day life. Again, this provides an opportunity for conversation about how we “hear” from God and how God connects with us. As we seek to encourage people to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, may we support them in how they connect with God throughout their daily lives

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