Oh the Places you’ll go: Inbetween Places – Lent 3


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Moses and the Israelites are out in between – between Egypt and slavery behind them and the
promised somewhere in front of them. But in the in-between they are running out of water.

Jesus stops in the in-between place – Between Judea where he was born, and Galilee where he
grew up. And he stops by a well, but has no way of hauling up the water.

We get stuck in-between too, and can feel our resources running dry.

God is among his people in the in-between place with the life giving water.

God refreshes the cranky tribes, Jesus respects the oddball woman.

We dip into these stories and we discover afresh the radical love of God for the in-betweeners.

This resource compiled and written by Elizabeth Waldron Anstice contains Bible Engagement, interactive Prayer and Music.

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