When Reality Sets Back in… – Build a big heart

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We have just celebrated the coming of Jesus! A time full of joy, anticipation and relief. But how do you feel after Christmas? Worn-out, exhausted, or bit bereft? After the  jubilation of the season and maybe some time off, reality sets back in. The house still needs cleaning, there is a pile of work emails to get through and before you know it, the school term begins again.

This series of worship resources addresses this reality to encourage us to keep faith, thrive as a community of believers and see the everyday blessings we get to experience as followers of Jesus. Every week begins with an introduction that briefly outlines some key theological themes. You will then find a page that summarises what needs to be prepared for that week. It outlines the materials required and includes suggestions on how to set up your worship space.
The resources are colour-coded to allow you to easily distinguish between the bible engagement activities and interactive prayers.

It is based upon the Revised Common Lectionary Year A and aims to equip leaders to engage all-ages. Worshippers will explore key ideas through hands-on experiences and working together.