Year B Easter 2 (7/4)

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This resource collection contains two bible engagement ideas and two suggestions for creatively engaging with music.

The first bible engagement opportunity is based on 1 John 1:1-2:2, telling the story of God that we have encountered and exploring the key words: testify, declare, seen, heard, touched. Note, too, there are actually two ideas here which can be used individually or as a combined unit.

This second bible engagement is a Storycine re-telling of John 20:19-29. This, like all Bible stories, is an all-age story. It is a story to listen to as family, as whole community, so draw all your community in. Use all your best story telling gestures, work the whole space, remember that timing, suspense, pause and dynamics are essential in shaping communication that serves the listener well.

As we gather in worship, we recognise that it is God who calls us together, who gathers us in the name of Jesus. It is God who gives the Spirit to help us, unite us, gift us with what we need to serve and open our eyes to the truth. The third resource this week is based on the song “Open the Eyes of My Heart”.

The fourth resource, “We were Strangers” (linked to Acts 4:32-35), celebrates the diversity and the unity of the people of God. The suggested process highlights and demonstrates this diversity and unity by inviting members of your gathering to participate in various ways. Even though perfect unity may not be achieved, that’s ok!

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