Year B Pentecost 5 (23/6)

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What an interesting collection of texts to engage with today!

The army of Israel is being attacked by the Philistines and the Philistines have a huge giant on their side – really stressful. In the gospel reading the disciples are crossing the sea in the dark in the middle of a storm – very, very stressful. The writers of 2 Corinthians are describing how they have been beaten up, put in prison, left hungry – it goes on and on describing stressful situations.

Based on 2 Corinthians 6:1-13, the Call to Worship resource contains the invitation to “Open wide our hearts” to let the love of God pour in, to pour out thanks and praise, to hear the voice of God today, and to be open to one another as the family of God, in compassion for the world and for forgiveness and healing.

Many parts of the bible show us God’s surprising voice speaking to people. Today, though, our bible readings contain some voices that are NOT the voice of the Lord. This is a really important thing to remember, that not everything in the bible shows us what God is like. Some of the texts of the Bible are there to show us what things are like when God’s ways are ignored, when God doesn’t get a say. The first of the Creative Bible Engagement suggestions explores this idea.

The second of the Creative Bible Engagement suggestions includes two bible readings, an art extension and the soothing possibilities of bubble wrap. In the readings set for today there is a lot of stress. The army of Israel is being attacked by the Philistines. The disciples are crossing the sea in the dark in the middle of a storm. People been beaten up, put in prison and left hungry. The stress just keeps piling up and up. Bring on the bubble wrap!

The bible doesn’t pretend that life is always calm and manageable. Followers of Jesus, the people of God, even apostles get stressed and anxious and fearful. Yet, in the midst of the fears and stresses, there is comfort. The voice of Jesus says ‘Be still’. The loving Spirit of God reminds us of what is true and good and pure – the living love of God in our hearts.

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2 Corinthians, 2 Samuel, Mark, Psalm


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