Year B Pentecost 7 (7/7)

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Have you ever been asked to do a job or a task that you thought was too difficult?  Or maybe you have been asked to do something that you didn’t feel qualified to do?

In this resource, we will engage with three Bible readings which all focus on people who are called/anointed/sent to do a seemingly impossible task.  People who probably didn’t feel prepared.  People who were young and inexperienced.  People, who regardless of their many shortcomings, were chosen by God, and who went on to do incredible things with God’s guidance and power.

In the 2 Samuel 5 reading, we will focus on David being appointed to be King of all of Israel – an insignificant shepherd who was chosen by all the elders of Israel to unite the tribes into one nation.  David went on to rule for forty years and in 2 Samuel 5: 10 we read, “And David became greater and greater, for the LORD of hosts was with him.”

In the Ezekiel reading, we will reflect on how God chose Ezekiel to become a prophet for Israel.  This was not an easy task! At a time when many Israelites, including Ezekiel, were living as prisoners in Babylon, God tasked Ezekiel with bringing warnings and rebukes to the rebellious Israelite people.

And in Mark 6, Jesus sends the twelve disciples out to teach, preach, and heal, carrying only the tunics they are wearing, sandals, and walking sticks.

Through games, huddle times, creative reflections, and fill-in-the-blank prayer writing, this resource will help us to reflect on the chosen people in these Bible readings and also reflect on how God calls us, and supports us today.

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2 Samuel, Ezekiel, Mark


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